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Genital Warts for Pregnant Women

Human papillomavirus or HPV is the main cause of genital warts. Genital warts can also affect women. Although they can be healthy during their pregnancy stage, the threat of the virus is still there. Although not curable, pregnant women should not feel too paranoid as there is not proven very serious effect on the baby’s health.

If genital warts manifest into a pregnant woman, the baby is at high risk of getting infected with HPV also. The genital warts can be transmitted to the baby to be born since the birth canal can also be contaminated.

The symptoms manifested by genital warts during pregnancy tend to be worse than normal conditions, since the immune system of pregnant women is normally suppressed. This makes most women very prone to viruses and infections like HPV. Therefore, the chance to get infected with genital warts is greater during pregnancy.

However, for the unborn baby from an infected mother with genital warts, may be infected with laryngeal papillomatosis that is actually a fatal condition. But this is hard to diagnose as the symptoms would not manifest until the child is three years old already. Under this condition, the baby can have warts at the throat and mouth areas. This happens because the birth canal of the mother where the baby passed through had genital warts as well. The warts tend to thrive on the mouth and throat areas since they are moist and war. This condition is excellent for HPV to multiply. When a baby suffers from this condition, a laser surgery is needed so the wart would not obstruct the baby’s breathing. Along with the surgery, interferon therapy should also be done to slow down the rate of its multiplication.

In addition, when talking about genital warts, the actual location of the warts should also be considered when looking into the condition. The complications would sometimes depend on the location of the warts. For instance, for women infected with genital warts, vaginal birth could sometime be not possible. There are cases that the genital warts have become so huge that it could not give an area for the baby to pass through. Essentially, the birth canal was obstructed by the genital warts causing difficulty on the delivery of the baby. Also, there is a high chance for a hemorrhage for the warts once the baby starts to go out. Since excessive bleeding may happen, a caesarean operation may be required for women about to give birth. This is better than to put yourself and your baby at risk.

As for the treatments on genital warts, the options are different for pregnant women than those who are not. Pregnant women are not allowed to go for over-the-counter treatments, and prior consultation with a physician is required. Since most, if not all over-the-counter medications, contain salicylic acid, it is not advisable for pregnant women as it can actually be harmful to the unborn baby. Other medications may also cause birth defects as they contain chemicals that could be absorbed by the baby inside the womb.

In case you are pregnant and you notice some symptoms related with genital warts, make sure to consult your doctor for the recommended treatments. Always put the safety of your baby first, along with your own safety.

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