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Symptoms of Genital Warts

Genital warts do not just happen among women. Male genital warts are found in the urethra, penis and rectal area. Meanwhile, female genital warts are found on inside the vagina, on the vaginal lips, uterus, anus and cervix.

The symptoms of genital warts may start to manifest after a few weeks. In some cases the symptoms may start appearing even after a few years. Therefore, it is always better not to wait for the warts to appear or manifest. In addition, there are instances when the symptoms can already manifest without the physical genital warts appearing. The best thing to do is to undergo regular check ups to make sure you are not infected with the virus.

Genital warts are mainly caused by different subtypes of HPV or human papillomavirus, sometimes called “condylomata acuminat”. Normally, HPV is spread by sexual intercourse. Like ordinary sexually transmitted diseases, no symptoms might appear at the start. But even if your partner do not have physical genital warts, getting infected is still possible.

To help you out, below are the common signs or symptoms of genital warts:

  • Sudden increase on the excretion of fluid excretion.
  • Increased dampness and moisture on the affected area.
  • Papules appearing on the shaft of the penis.
  • Itching and discomfort on the affected area. Commonly mistaken to be simple rash.
  • There might be a burning sensation on the anal and genital area. For mild cases, they may be painless but could inflict pain in severe cases.
  • Bleeding and extreme pain during the actual sexual intercourse. It appears to be more painful among women since genital warts on their part can appear in the vagina and cervix.
  • Some cauliflower-like lesions that could either be color pink, red or gray appearing on the anal and genital area. This could either be flat or raised. These may grow as clusters or may also expand rapidly.
If you noticed that you have the above-mentioned symptoms, you should abstain from a sexual contact right away.

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